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Phim gần đây nhấtPhim gần đây nhất

Đầu phim đánh giáĐầu phim đánh giá
Goat Island (2012) - Phim
Một cuộc chiến Rất ngắn (2010) - Phim
Việc hình thành 'Ông Buechner của Dream '(2005) - Phim
Chính (2011) - Phim
Bhopali (2011) - Phim
Farmboy (2006) - Phim
Thế giới vấn đề đầu tiên (2011) - Phim
Mass Effect 2 (2010) - Phim
4 và khủng bố nửa (2008) - Phim
Batman: Arkham City (2011) - Phim
Chaar Sahibzaade (2014) - Movie
World at War (1973) - Phim
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) - Phim
High School Gig (2010) - Phim
Half-Life 2 (2004) - Phim
Ông Ai Tìm một 2 Vợ: Ngươi sẽ không ao ước (2011) - Phim
Swan Lake (1982) - Phim
Band of Brothers (2001) - Phim
Thông qua cổng Đông (2007) - Phim
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Sau khi thêm, với Thọ (2001) - Phim
Phim đề nghịPhim đề nghị
Okwe, a kind-hearted Nigerian doctor, and Senay, a Turkish chambermaid, work at the same West London hotel. The hotel is run by Senor Sneaky and is the sort of place where dirty business like drug dealing and prostitution takes place. However, when Okwe finds a human heart in one of the toilets, he uncovers something far more sinister than just a common crime.
Rebecca's Uncle Harry leaves her with Aunt Miranda who forbids her to associate with show people. But neighbor Anthony Kent is a talent scout who secretly set it up for her to broadcast.
English rock star Aldous Snow relapses into drugs and booze after a break up and a disastrous record. In L.A., Aaron Green works for a record company stuck in recession. Aaron's boss gives him a career making task - to bring Aldous from London to L.A. for a concert in 72 hours. That day, Aaron's girlfriend Daphne tells him she wants to finish her medical residency in Seattle. Aaron's sure this ends their relationship. In London, things aren't much better: Aldous delays their departure several times, plies Aaron with vices, and alternates between bad behavior and trenchant observations. Can Aaron moderate Aldous's substance abuse and get him to the Greek? What about Daphne?
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